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It’s possible to create a more lavish space that can elevate your home décor look without having to spend exorbitant amounts of your hard earned money. There are several interior design ideas that can offer you that luxurious fully completed look without breaking the bank. Technology has also enabled the possibility to get brilliant designs that mimic the real expensive ones, but without the associated cost.

Designing your living space is more about doing the things that will bring you joy. It’s about taking a personalized approach in order to be able to enjoy the process and the product. So, having this in mind, let each element be reflective of who you are.  


Here are a few home interior design ideas to start with, on a budget:



Start With Lighting - Hints: The Levitating Moon Lamp and The Moon Lamp


Interior design ideas Levitating Moon Lamp


Lighting is the blood of your home. When considering interior design ideas, most people envisage the lighting as an afterthought. But the truth is it’s an essential ingredient that must come first. Why? Because proper lighting lifts your spirit, inspires productivity, sets you in the right mood to relax, take action and so forth.

The Levitating Moon Lamp is a unique lamp characterized by style and mystic qualities. It takes over the entire room as it floats midair. It’s such a lavish jaw dropper that doesn’t require any support to look great.

Galaxy Lamps, the producer of this moon lamp, uses original NASA images to replicate the real look and texture of the moon, even its craters. It glows so slightly with a vivid yet soft white light that’s gentle on the eyes and thereby creates a serene and calm atmosphere.


If you’re not mesmerized by the Levitating Moon Lamp, the Moon Lamp will still enhance the overall look and feel of your living space, be it bedroom or living room. Unlike the floating stunner, this one calmly sits on a stylish wooden stand but conserves all the unique features of the Levitating Moon.

It comes in 2 colors with adjustable brightness, so whether you want to read a book or simply relax, these lamps are a worthy interior design décor addition that will elevate your space affordably.


Interior design ideas for living room lunar-lamp-moon

The Galaxy Lamp

Bring the galaxy right inside your home with this amazing glow ball featuring the outer universe. It displays 16 different colors and 3 different lighting modes to cope with your different moods. 

Just like its other counterparts above, the Galaxy Lamp has been created using authentic high quality NASA images to replicate the rugged surface of the stars in the night sky. This is a modern design item that makes a huge impression no matter your other furnishings. It will help you relax, set the atmosphere in your room and allow your mind to wander beyond the clouds.

It’s affordable, durable and stunning.


Home interior design ideas Galaxy Lamp

The Walls - The Classic Tile

The porcelain tile is a timeless incredible look at a very affordable cost. One tile can go for as little as $1 per square foot. But it can instantly turn your space around. This tile can be perfect for your bathroom or kitchen and may not need more than one layout for a great finish.

You can also play around with patterns and different hues to match the theme of your home or create a perfect contrast. Either way, this is one of the most affordable interior design ideas that is guaranteed to make a statement.



Floor to Ceiling Drapes

This is one of the most budget friendly interior design ideas for living room and one that easily creates a luxury look. Drapes that hang from the ceiling draw the eye up thereby accentuating the height of your space. For better effect, let your sheer fabric be light in order to let in more natural light.

The beauty of this design idea is that you can easily get any drapes and sheers of your taste in your local area and you only need to buy longer panels to achieve an elegant look. Nothing gives your home a complete finish the way drapes and curtains do.


Floor to ceiling draps

Source: Barnandwillow 



A Functional Dining Table

A dining table doesn’t have to be costly to do its work and look fantastic while doing it. In the modern homes today, great kitchen interior design ideas involve a white melamine table or fiberglass table.

When combined with fancy chairs or a statement dining lighting will truly bring out a fresh look ingrained with your personal style. It’s possible to get good dining tables for under $500 that are extremely elegant. 

If you want a more traditional and earthy look then go ahead and get a wood table that’s simple and sleek with simple legs that won’t compete with your chairs.

You can then accessorize it with something modern like a metallic centerpiece or anything that suits your style. Remember to check on the durability of your furniture to avoid shopping again in a year or two.



The Vanity of Minimalism

Simplicity always draws attention because things can look more appealing and less complicated. Do you know why galleries use empty spaces to showcase beautiful pieces? It’s to allow the pieces to shine and totally show off.  

You can try this approach like they do in Minecraft interior design ideas where a sleek design is delivered with the least amount of items.

This means fewer art pieces on the walls, less furniture and so on. You can achieve this minimalist look by culling unwanted furniture. What piece of furniture haven’t you used in a long time? What occasional chair or table is filling up space in your home? You can ruthlessly remove these pieces and allow your room to breathe. 


You can also remove furniture that doesn’t bring you much joy and instead get a few classy and elegant pieces that will make the statement and enchant your heart. After all, interior décor designs are all about improving your experience in your own home.



Source: hzcdn.com



Get the Designer Lookalikes

If you have an eye for fine tastes but with a budget that looks the other way, fret not, you can still shop or custom make designer look alike furniture or pieces at a pocket friendly price. 

The thing with technology is that it has simplified how people do things. You will not only get stunning elegant interior design ideas online, but you can either find affordable sellers or simply get a professional to pull them off, at a fraction of the price.

Thus, depending on your taste, you can hunt around for tasteful finishes and pieces from designer brands and use this to style your space. It’s quite easy to get a stunning designer look alike piece then style the rest of your room around it.



Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are one of the best interior design ideas to bring life into your living room.  Flowers elevate your décor no matter your style. Whether you prefer bloom or hydrangeas, put them in vases and instantly make your living space feel special.

In case you have dull spots within your home, flowers are just the thing to add warmth and life there. 

You can also place them in some unexpected spaces such as the bathroom where you can place a single stem in a vase and have it sit there and bring you smiles. The only thing that you need to remember is that flowers are living, so keep them fresh for longer by changing the water frequently and cutting the stem edges a little each time you change the water. They will live twice longer.


Fresh flowers

Source: hearstapps.com


Bonus Interior Décor Tips from Experts

When planning to try new interior design ideas, there are a few steps that can help you get the most joy from the entire experience. Also, as you try to save on your hard earned cash. 


These are:

a.       Begin with a Self Q&A

Life can be a complete marathon of activities that you may often forget to ask yourself what truly makes you tick, what gives you that edge.

 So, ask yourself, what makes your heart melt? What brings you peace? What do you value as a person?  What activities help you relax? Whatever the answers to these questions, your interior design ideas must start by connecting to these things, the final product will be something that makes your home a happy place.

b.       Incorporate Your Hobbies and Inspirations

Have you ever seen a celebrity sports person’s home? You can tell what sport they play through their home décor. Why? It keeps them inspired. You, too, should incorporate your hobby items, e.g. if you love playing the guitar, then you should consider having it as part of your décor. Whatever it is, find a way to incorporate it in your décor, you can begin with a single piece (and no, you don’t have to turn the whole house into a collection store).

The essence is to have you energized and inspired by what you love, on a daily basis.

c.      You Need Some Natural Vibes

Positive energy is important in a happy place. It’s the thing that calms you when you return home after a long hard working day. Good vibes come from natural elements such as plants. Most interior design ideas for living room include a plant.

Plants add colour and life and a tangible vibrancy even in the most mundane of corners. Other things to add, besides beautiful plants, are natural crystals to create a natural vibe. 


So, whether you prefer to have aromatic herbs such as rosemary or lemongrass, or whether you want a plant as big as a banana plant in your lounge, these natural elements turn out to be affordable stunning pieces that will bring a calming effect in your living room. And will without a doubt enhance your happy mood.



There You Have It

Budget friendly interior design ideas involve picking up pieces as you go while achieving your ideal style statement that will enhance your overall wellness. It’s also about letting go of what you don’t need and instead getting the pieces that matter and those that will make a huge impact.


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