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Even if Halloween, Christmas and New Year are the brightest holidays of the year, characterized by an impressive number of bright, beautiful and special decorations, but also a unique mood, there is another holiday whose festive potential is somewhat overlooked: Valentine's Day

The most romantic day of the year allows you to decorate any space with those warm and soft color tones of all things related to love, but also to give special gifts to your loved one. Plus you need to set up an awe-inspiring Valentine's Day decor.

From red, pink and hearts of all sizes and colors, which sometimes end up overwhelming, to your loved one's favorite flowers, to the cutest plush toys and teddy bears. The list of possible Valentine's Day decor is almost endless. Try some of these lovely arrangements and you will never run out of ideas.

Even if this year is a very special one and the celebration of love will be done in a small setting in many places, these decorations are an excellent way to turn your home into a dream space. 

Do you like hearts? No problem. You can create countless decorations for love with them? 

Or maybe you love farmhouse décor style? We’ve got you covered. 

Or….. maybe you dream to travel among the stars with your love? We have the best solutions for you.

With these romantic decorations, you can easily transform your space into a land of love. And in the end, all you have to do is find the perfect gift for the one who holds your heart.  


The Galaxy Projector


Valentine's day decor Romantic gifts Galaxy Projector


Do you want to take your girlfriend or boyfriend by the hand and explore the Universe on a romantic journey? Then the Galaxy Projector can be the perfect solution. 

Created by the specialists from Galaxy Lamps, this innovative device will fill your space with fascinating spots. Once the beam of light strikes a surface, be it the walls or the ceiling of the room where it is placed, you will be immersed in a mesmerizing universe of stars, nebulae, constellations, and crashing ocean waves.

This enchanting projector comes with its own smart app integration, that allows accessing many of its intergalactic features. The app  includes a 360° rotating dynamic projection, unlimited options for setting the colors due to the RGB concept, the possibility to control the rotation speed, the ability to set the star brightness and the rotation speed.

Just pick your favorite colors or combine any three of them and save the chosen settings for next time.

Galaxy Projector is unique, without the need for remote control to create and control your own universe. Connect to Wi-Fi and simply install your own application (without which the projector has limited functionality). 

Afterward, you can easily connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and voice control the projector. No matter where you are. Bring a romantic starry night sky inside and explore the outer space from the comfort of your own home.



Candy Heart Valentine Bouquet


Candy Heart Valentine

Source: Smartschoolhouse

One of the cutest (and sweetest) DIY Valentine’s day decor you’ve ever seen. 
Do you want to impress your wife or girlfriend with one of the most beautiful bouquets of flowers? With this beautiful (and sweet) floral arrangement you’ll get anyone's heart. 

It’s very easy to make. All you need are 2 flower vases, candy hearts or “conversation hearts”, flowers, pink ribbon, and scissors. And…. Voila! A bouquet of flowers that will surely never be forgotten!



Red Hearts Foil Garlands

Red Hearts Foil Garlands
                              Source: Amazon


On the most romantic day of the year, the heart - the symbol of love - is everywhere. These hanging garlands are crafted of hearts made of durable quality foil. With their help you can create a festive atmosphere in any space you decide to decorate, and being reusable, you can use them again and again.

They look great on the ceiling, wall, above or around a table, on different shelves, or at the window, creating a romantic atmosphere and giving your lover a beautiful surprise.


Heart Sculpture

Valentines day room decor heart sculpture
                                                                        Source: Elledeco

If you are not a big fan of shades and nuances of pink and hearts, but you love neutral colors, you should not give them up just because it is the most romantic time of year. This metal carved heart is a Valentine's Day decor idea as suitable as any red and pink decorations. 

Be creative and express your love, your own way. Just show it. 


Valentine's Day Wreath

Valentine's Day Wreath romantic decorations
                                                                                         Source: Etsy

Each year, this heart-shaped wreath will become one of the favorite decorations in February. Let that special person in your life know how you feel and what he/she means to you.

And if you are alone, this wreath is perfect for you... and your front door... to celebrate love, life, and happiness on this special day!


The Galaxy Lamp

Galaxy lamp galaxy lights for bedroom


If your loved one is fascinated by the complexities and mysteries of outer space, what better surprise could you make than to offer him a trip to the Universe, but ..... without taking a step out of the beautiful and comfortable house?  

The Galaxy Lamp is one of the most interesting ways to set up a special Valentine’s day decor and you can easily combine it with other ideas to create a special day full of love among the stars. 

The lamp is meticulously-crafted using high-quality NASA images, while the rugged surface reminds of a star in the clear and deep night sky. The lamp comes with the possibility to switch between 16 colors, adjustable brightness, and 3 different lighting modes.  It creates a splendid show of colors, in which each fades into the next like smooth honey. 

Steal anyone’s heart and create special galaxy lights for bedroom with this unique lamp - which they haven’t seen before, but with whom they will fall madly in love from the first moment.


Valentine's Day Window Clings Heart Stickers


Valentine's Day Window Clings Heart Stickers

                                                                                      Source: Amazon

Share a bit of love not just with your loved one, friends and family, but also with your neighbors and anyone who walks near your house this Valentine's Day. 

These heart-shaped stickers will give everyone the feeling of love and happiness. As they are reusable, you just have to save the backing they come on and keep them flat in a cool place. You can also combine them with other Valentine’s day décor ideas, and include them in your general Valentine’s theme setting. 


Heart Valentine Pillow

Valentines Pillow
                                                                                    Source: Etsy

If you want to use a more subtle Valentine's day décor for your home this year, this simple pillow with delicate color accents is the perfect solution. An accent decor placed strategically can bring a whole room to life, this pillow being exactly what you need for doing that.

And you can get creative and hide your Valentine gifts behind it. 



Valentine's Day Branch Tree


Valentines day branch tree

                                                                         Source: Thehousethatlarsbuilt 

If you love the simple and minimalist design, then this simple Valentine's day decor could be your preferred centerpiece ever. All you have to do is to gather a few branches from the yard, spray them white, and hang red and pink paper flowers and other small decorations on them.

 Then use a white porcelain vase as support and for sure you’ll love and enjoy this sweet yet elegant Valentine’s day room décor


Valentine’s Day Tree

Valentines day tree
                                                                          Source: Contryliving

Do you hate taking down your Christmas tree after the winter holidays? Especially in these cold months of winter, the house looks bare without it and less cheerful. 

But what if instead of throwing your Christmas tree, you'll transform it into a gorgeous, new tree, as a beautiful and stylish Valentine’s Day decor? Check out this example: all you need are just ribbons, cut paper heart doilies, and bows, and your tree will spread the spirit of Valentine's Day into your whole house.


Inverted Wine Glass Candle and Cupcake Holders

Inverted Wine Glass Candle and Cupcake Holders                                                     

Source: Rappsodyinrooms 

If you prefer to spend a beautiful, special but casual night, check out this romantic tablescape. It's fun and romantic, but simple.

All you need are table runners, Valentine's Day cupcakes and ribbon, wine glasses, small pillar candles, natural or fake roses, and decorative hearts. Easy to make and assemble, delicate and festive, this table decoration would impress anyone.


Primitive Valentine's Love Letter Shelf Sitter


Primitive Valentines Love Letter shelf sitter

                                                                                         Source: Etsy

If you want to tell your loved one how much she/he means for you, why not count on a Primitive Valentine’s Love Letter? 

You'll get not just an oversized love letter, but also the festive spirit created by red pip berries and three hearts sweet annie…. Made using a combination of muslin and cheesecloth, this "old love letter" seems to come from immemorial times. 

If you want to celebrate love, then probably Valentine's Day is one of your favorite days of the year. If on every holiday you are surrounded by your friends and family, have to eat a lot of festive food, and get into the holy jolly spirit.

Valentine's Day is the only celebration when you can decorate your space with all those special things that evoke love for you. 

Choose one of our favorite decor ideas and share the love with anyone who comes into your home. From sweet desserts and DIY wreaths to delicate floral arrangements and balloon arches, these Valentine's Day decor are stylish, romantic and sweet.

 Celebrate your love and bring a romantic starry night indoors #valentinesdaydecor valentines day decorations for home romantic valentine's day decorations ideas

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